I am "Me". How about you?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Going home yesterday evening, exhausted after a day of meetings and discussions, brain numbed from creating ideas, and irritated with the fact that humans have a tendency to be fickle, to not know what they want, and to always be influenced by far too many people - it got me thinking: why is it people often do not trust their own judgement? Is it a lack of confidence, or merely a force of habit? Safety in numbers?

Everyone is different, when we actually sit down to think about it, we visualize different things - have different dreams, and nightmares. These force-filled images have the power to hinder or inspire our choices, and the walk down life's pathway. Then again, our imaginations require energy. The power to choose, to be, to do and to create the traits which determine our personalities.

No man is lesser than another, no man is smarter than another - some are simply born with the natural 'insight' or ability to ease unscathed through life, whereas others have to work harder. We always have that ability to achieve more than we ever thought we were capable of - but at the end of the day, we must always think: "What is it that we truly want? Are we doing something for the sake of something other than what we truly believe is the best option?"

Hearts are not innocent like that of a baby's. Cleanliness does not come automatically or naturally from knowing 'filth'. Look into your senses... the ones that call out to you, the ones that you know make you who you are, and not simply those that you were told that you have.

Listen to your inner voice of Conscience. Everyone will hear different things; things that we choose to hear. Listen, and observe.

It's ironical how we strive to 'simplify' our lives, only to complicate it unwittingly by creating more complex facets and devices by worrying over the most incessant things, and not trusting what we believe in. If we have the power to destroy, we have the power to nourish and nurture. I wish I don't have to worry about what others would think, or how others would prefer to do things... as long as I have faith in whatever it is that I choose to do. I wish people will be sympathetic to others' plights and be emphatic to what they passionately believe. So what if our choice(s) may not be the best way to deal with a situation? Learning from our mistakes is perhaps the surest way that one will never repeat the error of one's ways.

If only people would adhere to their beliefs whilst respecting those of others.
If only people could recognise and not be afraid to wear a badge of their own self worth without having to degrade, demean or debase others as a form of assurance to themselves.
If only people aren't so afraid to take risks without having factors to blame should they fail.

So many ifs.
The more we know, the less we understand.



  1. At work I often found myself alone whenever I had a "um yes but what if we did it differently?" moment. You're right. Maybe people feel safer when they have others sharing their ideas. Also means there is more support and less work. But less fulfilling, methinks! I am me too!

  2. Agree.. :) it's nice to have a more emphatic view of another person. Great read!



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