"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag."

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

We all realize that we cannot be at a euphoric high all the time - yet when we're feeling low and unhappy, it can be so difficult to believe that life can, and will get better.

Sometimes we get a stroke of luck that makes things seem to fall into place, brings days when you wake up with a smile on your face, and fall asleep at night feeling like you've never been happier in your life. We feel that our heart and being may just burst with happiness; everything seems brighter, and everyone is a little more bearable. You get that unexpected call from someone you've been yearning for, you get that promotion and recognition at work, there may even be windfall financially. These incidences and surprises can make us feel on top of the world.

On the other hand, you find out that your best friend has betrayed you in the worst imaginable way possible, you hear from a friend that your partner is seeing someone else... the rent is overdue, and your boss has just informed you that your services are no longer needed, and then you lose a loved one. These experiences can make us thoroughly devastated, upset, demoralised, and utterly at odds with the world.

In life, there will be unexpected twists and turns of fate and fortune - and your choices will then determine the path of your destiny. Sometimes odds will turn in your favor and bring unexpected good luck and fortune, sometimes it will turn against you and you will experience evil and misfortune. However, these 'incidences' are beyond our control, no matter what it is that we do. 

They are part of the eternal movement and cycle of life.

Life has its ups and downs, and understanding this would help us be stronger in the face of daunting obstacles ahead. It does make us hold a more realistic view of life itself... it makes us realize that whatever we hold in our hands can be gone in the blink of an eye. In that split second of time - things can change.

Just as that wheel turns down, it will eventually right itself up again. Difficult times have made me see that life can be infinitely rich and bountiful in every way... and sometimes the little things that worry me - is of no consequence whatsoever. I've come to realize that no matter what it is that we go through, the best way to live is ultimately about seeing liberation from suffering, about discovering joy and freedom in the midst of each moment exactly as it is, whether we are stressed or relaxed, happy or sad.

I have learnt to let go of my incessant planning for a perfect life, and experience fully the life I am actually living: the wonder of reality as it actually is, moment by moment. It turns out that freedom from suffering is found in living and embracing all the ups and downs of life. It can all be all right, not necessarily pleasant or fun, but we're content. All the ups and downs can be part of a life of joy and freedom, a truly satisfying life.  

Don't let troubles get you down so much so that life passes you by. 
Life usually happens when we're too preoccupied doing other things.



  1. Let it go...let it go! Don't let all the troubles hold you down...



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