Listen! (Do you want to know a secret)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday evening, 10.40pm.

I just want to remind all of you single men (and women) out there that sometimes, dominating a conversation not by your wit or wisdom but by the amount of syllables coming out of your mouth is such a total turn off.

Not only does it make you look self centred, it will also make you seem totally incapable of sensitivity. The world does not revolve around you... and a person who talks too damn much about themselves simply shows a lack of intelligence - especially when it comes to human and social interaction.

A good listener is so much sexier.

Perhaps it may be that still waters run deep - but that's the general idea, people! On the other hand, keeping too quiet and intensely brooding would just simply show a lack of interest, or worse still, it may make you seem 'coy' or that you're trying too hard to make an impression.

Some people know how to maintain that perfect balance. Others don't. Perhaps that's the distinguishing factor between the people who can always pique and intrigue anyone they so choose, as opposed to some who would just be automatically excluded from any gatherings, or written off after that first date.

The bad guys (and girls) usually have this trick placed down pat. It may be 'manipulative' to a certain extent - but hey - when it comes to humans and our social interactive skills, who isn't? Maybe only those who are simply content to sit back and watch the world go by from the back of the room.

When you listen well, many people will open up to you. 
You will then always have the upper hand.


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