Animal Zone Dino Tub giveaway!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

We have been so fortunate to enjoy lots of opportunities and gifts from so many different sources and sponsors for the past year, and today, on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, I thought that it would be fitting for us to thank you, our readers, for making all this possible.

To all of you who have continuously given me motivation to write, to share my experiences, and to document the challenges I face as a mum - I thank you.

To all who have left comments which were on blog posts, on Facebook, and on Instagram, I thank you for taking the time to do so.

I reply each and every single one of you who have taken the time to write me a personal email because I appreciate you sharing with me your thoughts and your kind words.

Thank you for your support.

This blog will not be possible without each and every single one of you.


From a very young age, we have always taught Caden to be thankful for and appreciate the smallest things in life. He knows that he is very fortunate to be able to have the toys which he wants most of the time, even though sometimes he doesn't quite yet understand why he needs to 'earn' his rewards. He knows, however, the importance of sharing and giving, and so when I asked him what he would like to share this year (last year he suggested 2 Transformers action figures) - he promptly answered: "The Dino Tub, Mummy!"

So here it is - purchased using a share of his Ang pow money collection - '
Caden's Animal Zone Dino Tub Giveaway!

With 40 pieces of figurines to build a mini Jurassic scene, I love that it stimulates their imagination and encourages them to create their own stories. 

Caden had so much fun when he got the set. He spent endless hours taking his Dino friends through battle scenes, feeding times, and identifying which are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. I took the opportunity to explain to him each of these terms - and I suppose it's so much easier to understand food chains and simple Science when we use objects which interest them to illustrate these!

The husband had the opportunity to relive his childhood (he: "we only had plastic ones without such detailed features back then!") and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as much as his son did.

The two boys even brought a scene from 'Jurassic Park' to life!

As for me, I absolutely loved that the pieces came with their own tub. LOVE, I tell you. It makes cleanup and storage so much easier, not to mention that there is less chance of pieces going missing, or worse - stepping on one in the dark!

To thank you for your continuous support - here's a chance to have your very own Dino Tub!

This Animal Zone Dino Tub is a gift from Caden to his young friends on blog, so kindly participate only if you have a child or a young relative who would be very happy to receive it

To take part, simply complete the Rafflecopter below, subject to other Terms and Conditions as appended. This giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore, and prize has to be self collected from VivoCity.

Good Luck!

*Contest ends on Thursday, 12 March 2015, at 2359hrs. Winner will be selected via Rafflecopter, and notified via email. Winner has 48 hours to respond to the notification email. Should there be no response, the winning entry will be rendered null and void, and another winner will be chosen.

Disclaimer: In case you didn't read the post from beginning to the end, this is NOT a sponsored post. Caden has generously decided that he would like to use part of his Ang Pow collection to share the joy of the Lunar New Year!

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