Universal Studios Easter Eggs-travaganza 2015:
'The Egg Quest'

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Caden always looks forward to visiting Universal Studios because he still thinks that's where Jurassic Park is. Well, technically he's not wrong, and I suppose when a 4 year old still believes in movies and magic - you can't, and you won't argue with him.

When we took him to Universal Studios last weekend, he was in for a treat. Not only was he able to fly his favourite pterodactyls, he also went on an 'eggciting' Easter egg hunt!

The Easter festivities at Universal Studios has been extended from 5th of April to the 12th of April - so there's still time to catch the festivities!

The highlight of the festivities for the children must be the Great Egg Quest.

When we entered the theme park, we were given a little map showing the areas where specially commissioned Easter eggs are located. There are 10 silver coated eggs on the map, and at every given location in the park, an egg has to be scratched off to reveal a matching themed Easter egg.

From the influence of movies, Caden absolutely loved the thrill of having the little map in his hands, and trying to find the respective eggs at each section of the park. He kept on saying that he's on an exciting Treasure hunt, and was so intent on completing the quest that we had to finish finding ALL the eggs first, before going on any rides! (yes, we had to go round the park twice!)

At the Land of Far, Far, Away, we met Puss in Boots.

 Then we visited Shrek's home, and found an Easter treat there.

We went to Madagascar and Caden excitedly scratched off his silver coated egg to reveal Alex!

We stopped the Egg Quest for a bit because Caden remembered how much fun the boat ride and the merry-go-round was the last time we visited, and wanted a go again.

We continued our journey to Hollywood, where we located one of the Minions.

I loved the streets of New York - adorned in Easter finery with familiar characters dressed to fit the occasion.

Sci-Fi City is Caden's favourite zone after The Lost World, where Jurassic Park is located.

It is also where he made me go on the Transformers Ride (Ultimate 3D Battle) FIVE times with him. It took all my self control not to turn green and heave!

It was on to The Lost World next, and while the skies threatened to open up, thankfully it was but a passing shower,

Caden had to have (many) rounds on the Dino Soarin' ride, just because he loves those pterodactyls! Actually - I don't know who enjoyed it more. The Daddy... or the boy. :)

He located his Dino egg, and posed gamely for a pic as a hatchling!

After completing the entire egg quest, we headed down to the Redemption point to get his reward.

It was merely a chocolate egg, but it made Caden SO happy. I guess the thrill lies in the chase! I believe that to a little boy, completing the quest is a reward by itself.

Note: Universal Studios Singapore's Egg Quest is part of The Great Egg-Venture organised by The Sentosa Harbourfront Business Association (SHBA). Originally slated to run from 21 March 2015 to 5 April 2015, it has since been extended to 12 April 2015 following the mourning period for our 1st Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Disclaimer: This trip was made possible by Resorts World Sentosa, for Universal Studios Singapore.

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