About The MOOs

MummyMOO | Regina

The flighty child, the dreamer, the one who still believes in miracles and magic. The woman who strives hard to be multi faceted; a friend, a wife, a mother and a working class stiff. She grapples with the complete lifestyle overhaul which came about the moment she realised that she was blessed with a living, breathing being who will be entirely dependent on her for the first few years of his life... at least until he finds his footing and comes into his own being. She's enjoying being a wife and a mother, two personae that she has never thought of becoming in the past.

She takes charge of the Marketing Department in an organisation which helms a group of Food & Beverage Establishments, a company which is more like an extended family... one which she is privileged to have been a part of for the past 12 years.

She documents her little family as they grow as one, charting every day mundane events to milestones that will chart the shape of their future. She takes pride in nurturing her brood, and as much as she loves them, she lives in the knowledge that she is loved as much, if not more, in return.

DaddyMOO | Brian

An Art Director in the field of graphic design, he is a fun-loving individual with a mischievous streak. He is a non-conformist by nature, but keeps his feet grounded in this rough and tumble world. He is practical yet is prone to bouts of spontaneity, and nothing pleases him more than charting unknown territory. He believes in trying everything out at least once in life, and this includes (but is not restricted to) jumping off cliffs, eating dubious unmentionables all round the world, and roughing it out.

He is humble, almost to a fault... and this often keeps him away from the spotlight, which works well in his favour because people tend to let their guard down around him. This trait has enabled him to score some pretty challenging quests in his lifetime, including getting the girl and getting her officially into the herd. His wife is still coming to terms with how she was conned into believing that she will get away with everything. She does - but only when he chooses to let her win.

BabyMOO | MooKid | Caden

The star of the show, born on 6th of January 2011 in Singapore at 9.05am, measuring 50cm and weighing in at 3.41kg. He has always been a happy baby, and he is the source of their joy, the reason for their smiles, and a boy after their own hearts.

He is an exhibitionist, a narcissist, if you will... and nothing pleases him more than recognition for his efforts and achievements. He has always displayed traits unique to himself, and he used to give his Mummy reason to worry when he did not display the preferences and characteristics of other children his age. Now Mummy realises that the strong headed one is a non-conformist (she should have known!) and prefers to do things in his own time, in his own way.

He is more trouble than they bargained for, but he is also proving to be more wonderful than they ever dreamed of.

This blog is about him, and for him, so that one day - he may remember.

Update: It's getting increasingly weird to refer him to BabyMoo on blog, especially since he's now hardly the little hapless bub who goes wherever we do. He has his own personality, and will not hesitate to let his feelings known. At 2 years and 6 months old today, I shall now refer to him as MooKid or Caden, so I can continue to write about him till he's married with kids - after which I shall then write about his kids!

He will always, always be my Baby though. No matter how old he is :)

18 months


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