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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Karma has come to bite me in the butt.

I remember those times when I used to scoff and baulk at aunties who throng the supermarkets armed with cut out coupons, waiting for unwanted stickers and stamps to redeem a cooking set, cutlery or household products.

I flip through the papers and marvel at the sheer amount of advertisements with cut-out coupons which promise the meticulous collector savings, from minute amounts to almost half off the list price.

I laugh at my earlier married friends who tell me that they managed to save $XX on vegetables / fruits / meat / household products by waiting for the right time to purchase these items, or by getting a discount card with untold rewards upon usage.

Never, ever. I told myself.

Yeah, right.

I blame it on maternal instincts (as an excuse for the jubilation felt on obtaining an everyday necessity for BabyMoo at an unbeatable price). I even gleefully told DaddyMoo that I have become such a prudent shopper in the light of the increased expenditures in our mini household.

I cannot bring myself to cut out any coupons off the papers yet though.  I open the papers and get a tingling of excitement when I spot diapers on sale for the weekend at $2.00 off the usual price. There's that Johnson's Baby Bath (Top to Toe) selling at $5.50, down from the usual $7.50 that we pay for. Formula!! Ah...I skim the ads for the particular brand which the bub drinks like it’s the elixir of life. Unfortunately, I've never come across NAN Pro 1, 2, 3 at a discounted price... so I'm resigned to getting boxes of it from Carrefour or Giant, which sells Pro 3 in bulk.

So I drag the husband down all the way across town to grab the best deals, and make him lug boxes of formula, baby products and groceries along with the stroller and diaper bag since I have my hands full carrying the bub!! :)

Anything for BabyMoo.

When it used to be that money was spent on drinks, clubs, 4-inch heels, manicures and pedicures... now it all goes to BabyMoo's stuff. Clothes in every imaginable funky designs, feeding paraphernalia, toys and necessities.

And how can I forget shoes? Shoes!! My shoe fetish has been transferred onto the bub, while I'm content with wearing flip flops and wedges for the sake of comfort and safety. (Try even attempting to carry / run after a squirmy, heavy 12.5kg 14th month old in 4 inch stilettos) The pictures of celebrities in various poses looking well-groomed in sky high heels carrying their babies as an added accessory is just for the benefit of photographers. Pfffft!

At 14 months, BabyMoo has his own shoe rack, and about 14 pairs to choose from when we go out. Right now he's on his size 5 growing to size 6 stage, so the amount is doubled. DaddyMoo chooses to just remain silent on this matter - because he knows that trying to argue about shoes with the woman he was getting married to and married eventually is like banging his head on the wall. Keep the peace. Let the woman have her shoes, plus the bub, too!

Asics from Auntie Jennifer - the coolest and most comfortable pair ever!

Collection of every day shoes - to match his (ever expanding) wardrobe

SKR Dan - when it was still made with pig-skin lining

Latest purchase from Pediped in size 7 now that he has started walking

Mothercare has a Private Sale starting tomorrow (open to the Public from 2 March onwards). SKR are at a One-for-One deal - and the best part is, they are clearing their stock of pig-skin lined shoes!

Guess where I'm heading tomorrow? :)
I've officially become a bargain hunter Auntie.


  1. Haha! I cannot begin to imagine how many pairs of shoes Caden might have if he were a girl! Enjoying your blog/writing :) You write so well!

    ~ Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy!

      Thanks for stopping by... :)

      Yeah - Brian thinks that if we were to have a girl, we might have to create a walk-in wardrobe for her, cos it would not only be her Mummy doing the shopping, it would also mean Grannies from both sides, plus the 6 grand aunts who will be more than happy to dress her up. (No baby girls in both the husband's extended family and mine, there's a total of 12 grandsons!)

      I can only imagine - but maybe IF we had a girl, what are the chances that she'd be a non-girly girl? :D

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  3. Hi Mummy Moo,
    It's Mamma Viv *wink*. hahaha....I see myself in you, although minus the partying and 4inch heels. I love my sneakers and alike. When you deal with having to run after kids, it's definitely comfort over fashion.

    Kids outgrow their shoes and clothes quickly. And to top that, we have to consider the different seasons too (living in the northpole). Kids are such a money pit, I tell you. THere's nothing left for mommies :)

    But the joy they give us is priceless and makes it all worthwhile. Now I understand when parents say "I sacrified for the children". Our lives were turned a 180degrees. Our lives before the children was (definitely) a different life. Not worse. Just different.

    1. Viv!! :)

      I totally agree with you. They are more trouble than we bargained for, but definitely more wonderful, too.

      Complete lifestyle overhaul. Up till today I wondered how I was able to immediately assume the 'mummyhood' role - and how Brian did everything in his powers to ensure that Baby has the best. He stayed on in a job which gave him no joy, just more and more work and endless problems because of Baby. He figured that we would have to rough it out for awhile till the bub's expenses 'stabilise', and he can go look for a better place. He stopped going out to drink save for the occasional once a month rendezvous with the boys because he would rather spend that extra one or two hours with his son.

      I just fell in sync. Most French parents will shake their heads at this, but BabyMoo became the centre of our universe, without us really attempting to. We still did the usual date days, but wherever we went, Baby came too. We like it that way... especially since we only see him on alternate weekdays.

      You're right. It was a different existence back then. It's a more meaningful one, now. :)

  4. Wow! That's a lot of shoes! At nearly 14 months Sophia has just 2.5 pairs (the 0.5 pair being pre-walkers that she just plays with at home but doesn't have thick enough soles for going out in). And she's a girl! I need to get her more.

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

    1. He doesn't need that many! Mummy is just mad... haha!

      Great deals at the sale... SKR has super cute shoes for the girls, too. Nothing overly sweet, fancy or frilly. Solid pairs, they are clearing their stock of pig-skin lined shoes - now is as good a time as any. My friends have tried the commercially friendly version since they decided to stop production of these, and found that the leather chafes the feet.

      My son's shoes just get softer the more its used.

      Have fun shopping! ;)

  5. LOL, I am so loving this post my dear. Goodness, i look back to what I was doing a few years ago versus now. I'd never would hacve thought I would be a mummy and loving every single minute of it and am even homeschooling!

    1. Yes - I totally understand where you're coming from. Those days are SO over, and just when we thought we would not be able to handle a kid, much less have one of our own - look where we ended up!

      But truth be told, I think I had the kid when I'm at a 'ready' age. The partying days are over, been there, done that - and there is no longer a yearning need to go for crazy, hazy drunken dancing nights out.

      I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything in the world!



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