These Shoes are made for walking!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Most people who know me personally would be aware of my absolute obsession love for shoes. 
Once upon a time, I have shoes in every imaginable colour, but I didn't own a pair of slippers / flip flops till I went shopping for my honeymoon in Bali. 

I've always had a penchant for shoes because I feel that they can make or break an outfit. Team a nondescript black dress with a pair of killer heels, and you will instantly look like a million bucks. Wear a $5,000 Balenciaga dress with ballet flats and you may just fade into the background. After all - how many of us can boast on simply relying on our sterling personalities to carry us off daily?

There are days when I know I can't be bothered to even smile, much less be witty or fun.
I had my shoes to lift my spirits up, and make me walk (literally) a few inches taller.

My last pair of sky high heels in fuchsia was purchased a mere 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, it went into cold storage, and has now officially become a pink elephant since I had BabyMoo. Rather than lamenting the loss of opportunity to dress up, I actually rather enjoyed dressing down on weekends now. Flip flops line my shoe shelves, and we all know that chasing after an active 15 month old with those is much safer than tottering on 4-inch heels. Glam be damned! 

Being the shoe 'aficionado' that I am, I am all too familiar with the importance of having a great pair of shoes, not only in terms of aesthetics but also for comfort. Nothing spoils the image more than seeing a well-dressed good looking woman spotted using a plaster to ward off a blister. I have a few choice pairs which were purchased for special occasions but became daily staples when it was all too evident that every dollar spent on them were totally worth it. There are a lot of other pairs which were purchased off the rack, on a whim, from regular shoe stores - which were worn once, then never again - because they either pinched, chafed, or simply hurt the feet just walking the distance between the house and the apartment lobby.

So now that BabyMoo has started walking, I take it upon myself to ensure that he is shod in shoes which help in feet development and provides sufficient grip. It should also be made with leather for flexibility and to ensure that the risks of it chafing his feet is minimised. BabyMoo has always worn shoes since we started bringing him out, and the fact that he couldn't walk then didn't stop me from buying him shoes to match his outfits! No kiddy shoes for him either... the hubs and I don't fancy cutesy shoes in cartoony designs - just because the baby is a baby doesn't mean that he should be dressed in the most babyish clothes imaginable!

I started him off in See Kai Run shoes, which were made with pig-skin lining and leather uppers. Great designs, and the shoes actually became softer with every use. All was good until SKR phased out their production in Singapore and Malaysia and replaced it with PU leather. I enquired with the local distributor as to this turn of events, and was informed that this is so that more people will be able to enjoy the shoes - as the fact that they were made with pig-skin lining were discouraging many people from purchasing these.

I salute their moral ethics, and I think that it is truly admirable on their part to be totally in tune with the needs of their consumers, although I question the fact that their prices remained the same... but anyways...

The shoes became harder and not as flexible as before. It chafed the feet, and one of my friends who purchased SKRs all the way till size 9 for her son mentioned the same thing. So the quest for the perfect breathable, comfortable shoes for the boys started. Pedipeds are made with pig skin lining, but I don't dig most of their designs, plus they are pretty pricey even with a spree. Same with Kavat, Osh Kosh and Clarks. I was contemplating purchasing direct from the SKR site in the US, but was afraid that the quality will not be as per what we were used to.

Meanwhile... BabyMoo was fast outgrowing his current stable of footwear!

Just a few days ago, MummyEd at Singapore Mom Bloggers group on FB posted a link to Elly store, which was having a promotion to introduce their new line of footwear - Bellio. While BabyMoo may be a tad too old for these shoes... I chanced upon Skeinie shoes, which is also a range carried by the store - and I got excited!! we may just have found the perfect shoes for growing feet.

I contacted the store, and Carol, one half of the owners (the store is started by 2 enterprising sisters!) was extremely helpful in providing me with the info which I needed. Skeinies have calf leather uppers, pig-skin lining and is rubber-knob soled for extra traction. Perfect!

I dragged the (long suffering) husband to Cluny Court where the Elly store is located last Saturday, and BabyMoo sat down to try on his shoes. Just as I was still determining the size and suitability, he clambered down from the seat, and proceeded to walk about (almost with delirious) glee! He didn't want to take it off... shaking his head with gusto when I wanted to undo the velcro. I guess he is the best judge of how the shoes feel on his feet - and fortunately, they didn't cost an arm and a leg... otherwise Daddy Mummy will be in trouble! The boy then proceeded to attempt to walk out of the store (while Daddy tries to restrain him). The cheeky boy then gave Auntie Carol a 'shy' smile before indicating that he wants her to carry him. *faint*
I suppose since Carol is a mum, she would definitely have a way with kids!

Those shoes look and feel really comfortable. They fit perfectly, are flexible, hold the feet well without cutting into pudgy flesh, and have buttery soft lining. They are versatile enough to be worn with a shirt and jeans, or tee and shorts. Best of all - they are Fair Trade made!

Well done, MummyMoo! *pats self on back*

Got the shoes in red because BabyMoo already has sandals in navy blue and beige.
So Dorothy-ish. Love it!

Checking out the Elly standee in his brand new shoes.

Never mind that the red doesn't match his outfit. The Dorothy shoes made him happy - all that's missing are the blings and the yellow brick road.

Did I also mention I absolutely love Elly's shirts for boys? I will not even start on the cool frocks for girls. I would have gone absolutely bonkers in-store if BabyMoo wasn't so determined to run out of the store in his new shoes and Daddy didn't need the bathroom pronto. On hindsight - I suspect it was a conspiracy. Hmmmph!

Love the store, love the shoes, love the service.

The Elly Store
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-29 Cluny Court 
Singapore 259760
(Next to the Botanic Gardens MRT station)

T:  +65 6466 8718

Opening Hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily 

** I am in no way affiliated to the management of The Elly Store or have been paid to do a review. This is a blog mention in the hope that more parents will be made aware, and more little feet will be made happy! We paid in full for the scarlet sandals, too :)


  1. ooh, nice pair! i was going to check out Elly's store last weekend to get my cub sandals too! hopefully we can head there this weekend instead.

    1. It's a nice store which makes me... happy :D

  2. Thanks Regina! This post will come in handy for me in a few months, when my baby boy starts needing shoes! :)

    1. Evelyn,

      I love their selection! They stock Bobux shoes as well :)

  3. I've always toyed with ordering from Elly, and wanted to for some CNY matching togs for my boys but now that they have a physical store presence plus SHOES to boot? My lil baby needs some good shoes ...

    1. Sandra... they have gorgeous stuff for boys - which we all can appreciate given the dearth of boys' stuff as compared to pretty dresses here!

      They have a small but great shoe selection. Really worth a visit.

      Shoes are so important to growing feet, imo. Plus Mummy says must look good also! Haha...

  4. Sorry, I hv question about adult shoes... Mind tell me brands that really comfortable? I'm really lost hope after 2 pairs of hush puppies & Clark hurting me:(. Or because they aren't in the range of "worth it"?
    Many thanks;)!

    1. Hi pc!

      I've tried plenty of shoes, and while some can look great, they aren't too comfortable.

      I would initially baulk at spending more than $100 on a pair, but it all changed when I bought my first pair of 'semi-expensive' shoes during a sale! It actually wasn't too expensive, but I've always thought that why should I pay for one pair when I can have 3 pairs for the same amount - until I realised why a lot of women would splurge on a particular favourite brand.

      Different feet will suit different shoe models, but I found that in the mid-range, Guess shoes are surprisingly comfortable, and they aren't too expensive (less than $200, and they have end of season sales which see the same models going for 50% - 70% off)! I have broad feet and my big toe is longer than my other toes... so perhaps their cut is suitable for me.

      For more dressy pairs, I like Paradox, which can be found at Essex Walk at Palais Renaissance. Bought most of my evening shoes there - their bling is minimal, but very classy since they only use Svarowski crystals. Their price is on the higher end ($200 - $400) but they are super comfortable! Bought my 4-inch wedding and evening shoes from there... and they lasted me from church, to tea ceremony, to dinner and till the wee hours - and I was on my feet the entire day although they were strappy!

      Hush Puppies tend to pinch at the front, and although they seem comfortable when you try it on, 2 hours later, your heel will start to feel the weight. Clarks are comfortable but tend to be heavy and clunky, so I found that I was carrying the shoes along instead of it being the other way round!

      Itti and Otto brand (Isetan, Takashimaya) can also be comfortable, depending on the models.

      Good luck! Let me know if you need my help :)

    2. hi i hv a question... Are all itti and otto shoes made from pigskin (whether in whole or parts of its EVERY shoe) or is it exclusive to some(which are identified as having made from pigskins?) if you could provide the link to support ur reply it would be great! Btw love thy blog xoxo fellow shoelover :)

    3. Hi there,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      As far as I'm aware, not all Itti and Otto shoes are made of leather. For e.g, their casual range (which are the straw woven wedges) aren't made of leather. It's reflected in the price, with the leather made ones being of considerably higher valued than the normal ones.

      I usually check the shoes prior to buying. The leather ones (not restricted to Itti & Otto) will usually have the sticker that states it is made of leather. It's a transparent sticker usually placed either on the inside or on the shoe's soles, and the leather diagrams are in gold. If a pair of shoes do not have this, chances are it's made of PU leather or pleather, as some may know it - which is a synthetic man made leather, and may cause a certain degree of discomfort of chafing due to its non-pliable nature.

      When in doubt, I've asked the shoe salesperson... and if they aren't sure, I will usually go to another outlet or perhaps abandon the purchase entirely. I feel that it's not worth paying a 'bargain' price for shoes that will cause me pain.

      Hope this helps! :)

  5. hi mummy...really wanna ask u it confirm that SKR shoes are all made from PU lining n only last tym it was pig ao concern on this as im a muslim.

    hope u can help to reply on this as i quite love SKR shoe for my boy as their choice is quite limited


    1. Hi Siti,

      Thanks for dropping by!
      SKR shoes which are sold in Mothercare in Singapore is made from PU leather and not from pig skin. I have also confirmed this with the customer care department in the main US site. Only those sold overseas are made from pig skin.

      Perhaps before you purchase from Mothercare or trade fairs, you can check with the staff first to be on the safe side. Hope this helps!


  6. Hi Mummy

    Thank you for your reply . Appreciated it so much, n yes im also chekced with local distributor


  7. Always remember, fit comes first. You’re wasting your money if the shoe doesn’t, even if you think it’s a good buy.



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