Photo *Heart* Fridays: Water play on a hot, humid day!

Friday, 27 July 2012

I love to see the boy at play
On a hot and humid day.
He laughs and smiles and grins with glee,
With wild abandon - carefree.

He runs around against the wind;
The breeze a brief respite --
Under the blazing hot sun.

He spied a water gun,
But it's too big for the little wee one,
So he turns to look for help,
and asks Daddy to play.

They turned the sprinkler this way and that,
with Mummy as a moving target.
I shrieked and yelled with warnings aplenty,
But they didn't care -
and got me all wet!

The boy then took a little breather,
and made music along the way.

Water in their eyes
and water on their face,
They really don't care.

Joy and mirth abound,
As far as I can see -
As they sing their aquatic melody.

Water fun for everyone!
Especially for Daddy and his dear little son.


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