A Big Hearted Boy.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BabyMoo has set his sights on a motorized scooter long before he could even walk, but we decided to wait for a time when he is better able to handle and steer it before getting him one. We expected that the fascination with it would not last - but surprisingly, this is the only toy which strikes his fancy enough for him to always search for it and stay contented for hours playing on it at the toy store. Even more so when he's able to walk on his own and decide exactly where he would like to go.

When DinoMama invited us to her son's birthday party / house warming celebration and told me about taking out her boy's motorized scooter so that the kids can have some entertainment during the party, I told her that BabyMoo would be thrilled to bits! She then generously informed me that since her son has outgrown the bike and doesn't play with it anymore, she would gladly give it to BabyMoo, and for us to pick it up during the party day itself. I offered to purchase it off her since the bike is in working condition, but being the kind soul that she is, she would not hear of it. I agreed to accept it only if she spoke to DinoEgg and he is fine with letting the bike go, although he hasn't played with it for a long time.

When we arrived at the party, I suppose we weren't too surprised that he was utterly taken by DinoEgg's motorized bike! The only thing we weren't too prepared by was his 'vehement like' and strong reaction towards it, which was not a trait he usually displays when it comes to toys which are not his or those found at the store. He cried huge ploppy tears when he couldn't get to ride on it (there were other kids and everyone had a turn) and he basically got upset without screaming or throwing a tantrum, which was more heart wrenching for me because he knows that the toy isn't his, but he couldn't help himself because he loved it so.

I was pretty embarrassed that he monopolised the bike during the party!

DinoEgg, for his part, made my heart melt.

When his Mum told him to try to console BabyMoo because 'Didi (little brother) is sad that he couldn't ride on the bike - guess what the boy did? Instead of coming over to BabyMoo to talk him out of his tears, he actually went to the other bigger kids to ask them to give Didi a chance to play! The boy amazes me... perhaps in his mature 6 year old mind, he knows that BabyMoo is at an age when talking will not do much as opposed to an immediate action. Perhaps he believes that if he were at BabyMoo's age, this is exactly what he would like the adults to do. I didn't know this, and was only prompted when MamaD related this to me after the party.

When the bike was vacated, he ran to us (we were in the kitchen, where BabyMoo was taken to calm himself down) and told him "Didi don't cry!! Look! You can ride the bike already! Come... come!"

I was touched beyond words... and was so heartened by the fact that a child, at such a young age, could display so much sensitivity, care and concern for another without even being asked to. He even told me that BabyMoo can bring the bike home because he wants to give it to him!

I declined to bring the scooter back on the day itself because BabyMoo needs to be taught to understand that he cannot always get everything which his little heart desires all the time. There were tears when we left, but he understands that the bike isn't his and after some 'quiet conversation' with him, he waved a cheery goodbye and even signed 'thank you' to MamaD and family.

So last Saturday, we decided to pick up the bike from MamaD's house. Needless to say, that was the first thing he ran to when he saw it in the living room. He played with it for awhile, and there were a bit of tears when we told him that we had to go (of course, he didn't know that we were bringing the bike home). DinoEgg generously told him again that the bike is now his - and there was no need to be upset!

BabyMoo then gave a huge grin, and proceeded to try to give DinoEgg a hug! When he saw DaddyMoo carting the bike away as we left, he waved cheerfully at everyone, and thanked MamaD and DinoEgg via sign language (yes, the boy still refuses to talk!). He was a very happy boy - thanks to GorGor's generosity and kind heart.

The two boys and the bike!

I hope that when BabyMoo is older, he would be as big hearted as DinoEgg is. Even though MamaD often complains about her little 'monster', I suppose kids will always be a source of our worries as much as our pride and joy. For all the mischief that he is able to get up to, Mama and Daddy D should be so proud that they have raised a boy with a big heart, who knows how to care for others, and is even aware on how to protect the younger kids.

I am still awed by the big hearted boy even as I write this. I am thankful for friends who have been so generous and kind. I'm sure that the bike will bring BabyMoo as much joy as it has brought DinoEgg.

Dear Z - if BabyMoo could talk - he would tell you Thank You... for not only sharing with him your bike, but also for protecting and standing up for him, the way a Big Brother would.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes... me too! So heart warming! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I was really touched by the gesture!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it is, Cin! DinoEgg is such a thoughtful boy!

  4. Beautiful picture of the boys =)

    I'm very happy that BabyMoo is enjoying his bike to the fullest (like sleeping beside the bike tt night hahaha)

    DinoEgg was napping, when I whisper to him "Didi Caden will be here shortly to take the bike, do you want to wake up n say hi to him?" He sprang out of the bed in split second, wide awake some more hahah~ And when u guys were at the door, he went into the room n dragged out the bike =)

    Oh pls dun let BabyMoo cry again. really make my heart pain pain when he cry those big big tears.

    Aye, he has his monster side lah, true! You pple only see his good side. Maybe he toned down a bit now tt he is older.

    1. Sensitive souls and all that, eh? ;)

      I don't think he will cry again - not the way he did, with mucus etc for drama effect! Hahaha! Well... I hope not, especially when Daddy scolds him because he refused to be parted with his bike, not even to go shower!

      Then again, yesterday night, when we reached home about 9-ish, he played with the bike for awhile and parked it in front of the bathroom before he went to have his shower without even a word of protest. Then he had his yoghurt on the bike, after which he actually pushed it to his 'toy corner' in the living room, parked it nicely there - and ran into the room and climbed on the bed to sleep!

      One more thing I've learned about the SC: The more you deny / ask them to do / not to do things, the more they will rebel and go against you for the sake of. They totally understand what they are expected and supposed to do, and will do so in their own time.

    2. good boy! see he know the bike is here to stay so he don't feel the need to be stuck to it every minute =)

      You notice it now, so u can put to use with Caden. My "damage" with DinoEgg is done hahah~ now its a habit, MY habit *tsk!* to nag n scold n nag n nag at him for some thing.

  5. Dino mama, you should be so proud!!!! All our kids have naughty sides la but this is such a sweet and lovely gesture.

    *** Boyfriend Caden korkor, when are you going to take me on a spin on your new wheels? Love, Calla**+

    1. Hello dear Calla!

      I will show you the world... (as soon as Mummy and Grandmama(s) gives me the go-ahead to get a bike licence!)

      For now, as soon as you can sit up and hold me tight - I will show you round the bawah block! :D

    2. Adora, he has his heart for younger kids lah, so long as they dun bully him kekeke~ I tend to focus on his naughty side so that I can remind him NOT to do it again. Doesn't help when I'm the disciplinary master *hhmmpphhh*

    3. Z is such a sensitive and caring boy, Jen has really taught him well. And it was so endearing to read about how baby moo spontaneously hugged him too, looks like this is a start of a great friendship between the 2 boys



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