Tuesday's Thoughts: Grey is also a colour.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Maybe it's the dreamer in me, or perhaps it's just that I tend to look at things from a different perspective than most people do... but even though I can be an extremist at times, I will always make room for reasoning(s) that have no fixed answers.

Some people are apt to believe that the whole world consists of nothing but black and white - that everything can be solved, and there is a valid explanation for most things that transpire. It's either this or that... for sometimes, when we sit on the fence, we may end up not accomplishing anything substantial. I do see the sense in that, but for me, I will always explore a thought, or a beleaguering problem whilst I'm sitting on that fence, swinging my legs, and mulling things through.

There are times when I feel that we have to compromise. We live in a society where not everyone will see things the way we do, or even be able to accept our personal choices and lifestyle. I will never deem to judge anyone or anything simply based on whether they go against my beliefs or otherwise, because to me, a person will always choose to do what he / she thinks is best - be it for their own personal gains, or in view of their current situation.

I used to think that people who normally take the tried and tested (almost) infallible way are simply too 'grounded' for their own good, that these are the individuals who aren't really able to see the colours in the multi-hued spectrum of life, they are those who may miss out on a whole lot of things that may actually turn their fates the other way round. I used to believe that down to earth people who have fixed ways of thinking and can't be swayed by others thoughts or learn from others' experiences as the ultimate stubborn and boring personality; they are selfish enough to always want things to go their way.

Until I finally reached a stage where I begin to realize that many people who choose to be inflexible and go on the straight and narrow path aren't really showing a lack of imagination - they are simply realists. Perhaps contrary to what we dreamers may think - their choices are governed not by utter selfishness on their part, but mostly by what the consequences of their actions may be. Assuming they have a family to feed, a house mortgage, and some other day to day expense that they have to settle... can they really go with the way their heart feels? Can they actually throw caution to the wind and attempt to see and do things from an entirely different angle; though uncharted territory?

Not when there's simply too much at stake.

At the end of the day, even though for some of us, grey may be a colour... it's often so much easier to view things in monochromatic hues.

We will always evolve and adapt to our lives... what may work for us, may not be the best option for the next man on the street.

For some, the world is drenched in a myriad of colours and hues;
For others, it's simply bathed in the cloak of the rays of the silvery moon.

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  1. The child sees a colorful world.
    The man sees a black and white world.

    Grey is the color where no solutions or explanation is needed. It is a place where every thing is accepted as it is.

    Grey is the color you start to see when you are older and wiser.

    Life is such... we are all but birds with wings tied, when will we break free?



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