Increasing Your Facebook Page Post Visibility

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

With all the recent changes that Facebook has made, it has become increasingly difficult to connect with readers. Getting 'Likes' on my Facebook page has definitely been extremely rewarding for me, and I try to keep 'fans' engaged with constant updates while sharing my thoughts on the blog.

CuteCoconut is hosting a 'Facebook Reach Out Now Tuesday' Hop (or FRONT Hop, for short), where the aim is to increase your FB page posts' visibility and thus, reach out to a larger number of people.

"If you feel your Facebook page visibility doesn’t reflect the many fans you have, you should join this hop. If your post on your Facebook page is only viewed by not more than 40 – 50 people despite thousands of fans who like your page, you should join this hop."
For more ideas why you have to join FRONT hop click here. - CuteCoconut 

Here is how you can participate, and increase your readership!

1. You must have a Facebook page.

2. Link up one of your status update on your Facebook page. Please DO NOT link up your blog, blog post or Facebook Page here. (refer to image appended)

3. Please follow and 'Like' the Host and co-host(s) on any of our social media and leave a comment, so that we can follow you back.

4. Visit at least 3 links and 'Like' the page before sharing the content to your own Facebook page post.

5. It is important that when you click like, comment or share you are using your personal Facebook profile instead of your Facebook page.

Now... let's get hopping!


  1. Wow!, what a cool post. Maybe I should try this one.

  2. thanks for sharing this! i hope i did it correctly!:) joining ur hop!

    1. Hi ya!

      Did you enter your link? I don't see it above...



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